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College & Building Policies

Scheduling Procedures

Academic Scheduling coordinates space for all regular day and evening academic classes, including space for semester and term help sections and final examinations. The needs of Class Scheduling receive priority over requests for academic space from nonacademic groups. Following the add/drop deadline of each semester or term, the scheduling of all general use classrooms is handled by Campus Scheduling for the remainder of the semester. College use spaces (conference rooms, atrium spaces, department classrooms, etc.) are scheduled by the the entity in charge of the area.

To schedule college spaces:

  • ESC Scheduling - Contact NDFS Department Manager
  • LSB Scheduling - Online via the LS Scheduler or through Department Managers.
  • RB/ESC Scheduling - Contact the ExSci Department Manager

Campus and college space may not be scheduled during the exam preparation day and final examination days for the following:

  • Required class review sessions
  • Early final examinations (except for languages, MBA, IPM, and Law courses)
  • Club meetings
  • Social activities
  • Any gatherings involving students that are not specifically for review or study of the semester’s academic work

Room Use

Conference rooms, classrooms, and other areas should be scheduled for use ahead of an event.

When food is brought in for a meeting or event, BYU-approved caterers must be used, except when the food is:

  • Non-perishable, pre-packaged foods served by university employees
  • Carry-out/take-out
  • Delivery-only (no setup or serving by the caterers or restaurant)
  • For private University events with less than twenty participants
  • For University-affiliated ecclesiastical units with campus scheduling privileges

The following items are PROHIBITED in college areas :

  • Helium balloons that are not anchored because they can set off fire alarm sensors.
  • Lit candles and liquid-fueled decorations.
  • Use of highly flammable materials such as hay, corn stocks, or real Christmas trees that haven’t been treated with retardant.
  • Small particles such as glitter and confetti.
  • Tacks or nails on walls, windows, or doors in public areas, classrooms, and conference rooms.

Room Clean-up

By the end of the class, meeting, or event:

  • Trash from food and decorations must be properly cleaned up and disposed of.
    • Contact Building Care for trash that will not fit in the available trash cans.
  • Erase white boards
  • Straighten the room
  • Turn off the display system and lights

LSB Room-Specific Policies and Procedures

Atrium & Hallways

  • To request tables or chairs for an event, contact Campus Scheduling at 801-422-3134 at least 3 business days before the event.
  • Do not move furniture in the atrium spaces. Contact Building Care for assistance in setup.

Auditoriums (LSB 2102, LSB 2004, and LSB 2006)

  • University policy prohibits food or drink from being served in these spaces for events and classes. Water is okay.
  • If you wish to have refreshments for a meeting or event held in an auditorium, reserve Table Area 2-A where food can be served.

Computer labs

  • Computer labs are only available to schedule for teaching needs only.

Conference Rooms

Rooms are available by reservation only. To reserve a room visit the college scheduling website. Priority is given to Life Sciences employees and students. Use of rooms outside of scheduled hours (with the exception of church meetings and other special events with approval) is not permitted.

  • Conference rooms are not to be used for regularly scheduled classes or TA hours.
  • 2110 LSB has a fridge and sink that can be used for food during events or meetings. Food should not be stored in the fridge more than 24 hours before or after an event. This conference room can only be scheduled by faculty/staff.

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