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Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification

Alert all persons nearby to the type of emergency (i.e. spill, exposure, fire). Contact the needed personnel for the type of illness or incident.

Never disregard or ignore an emergency notification for your building or area of campus. All emergency notifications and fire alarms should be taken seriously. All major academic buildings on campus are equipped with a fire alarm and internal PA system.

Emergency Contacts

Provo Fire and Police911
BYU Police (Emergency)(801) 422-0911
BYU Security (non-emergency)(801) 422-2222
College Safety Officer(801) 422-6875
College Facilities Manager(801) 422-5683


Y-Alert is BYU’s emergency notification system and will provide information, instructions, and updates in the event of an emergency. The system uses text-messaging, phone and email to contact people. To receive alerts, you must register your information. You can update your information at > “Communication” > “Personal Information” > “Contact Information” > “Campus Emergency Alert Contact Information”.

College and Department Emergency Coordinators

College emergency coordinators include the college safety officer, dean, associate deans and the college facilities coordinator.

Department safety representatives and chairs serve as emergency coordinators for each department as well as anyone else the chair has designated.

Faculty and staff should have emergency numbers accessible during an event for ease of communication. Faculty should provide students working in research areas with hazards emergency contact information.