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Utility Failure

Types of Utility Failures

Understand how different utility failures may affect your work area. Identify critical systems that need immediate attention. Identify workarounds for various types of utility failures.

Reporting utility issues on campus

  • Non-critical issues - The issue does not constitute an emergency and is not time sensitive - report the issue to the college facility manager, Building Care, or submit a service request through the physical facility website.
    • Minor clogs or slow-moving drains, burned out light bulbs, electrical outlet not working, heating or cooling problems, autoclave issues, etc.
  • Time-sensitive issues - The issue is time sensitive but is not an emergency - report the issue to the college facility manager. If after hours report the issue to BYU Security.
    • Minor flooding, elevator malfunction, broken locks, air ventilation issues, growth chambers, pests, etc.
  • Critical Issues - The issue is an emergency - report the issue to the college facility manager or BYU Police as appropriate. After hours contact BYU Police.
    • Major flooding, gas leak, broken pipe, etc.

College Facility Manager

(801) 422-5683

BYU Security

(801) 422-2222

BYU Police

(801) 422-0911

Building Care

Building Directory

Gas Leak

  • Do not turn lights or electrical equipment on or off.
  • Evacuate the area.
  • Contact 911

Power Outage

  • Suspend work and secure all hazardous materials.

    • Chemicals
    • Biological agents
    • Radioactive materials
    • Any other potentially dangerous substances
  • Use flashlights or glow sticks, never open flames.
  • Ensure that critical electronics are connected to emergency power if possible.
    • Emergency power outlets are red.
  • Shelter in place for short outages, less than 30 minutes. For extended outages, the building should be evacuated.
  • Note: Air handling systems may operate irregularly for several hours after power is restored following an extended outage.

After hours contact BYU Security at (801) 422-2222

Flooding, Plumbing, or HVAC

8am - 4pm Monday - Friday contact Physical Facilities at (801) 422-5531

Locked Out After Hours

Contact BYU Security at (801) 422-2222

IT Outage

Information on campus wide outages can be found on the OIT Support webpage.