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Medical Assistance Procedures

Medical Assistance Procedures

Never give medical assistance beyond your scope of knowledge. All BYU employees should immediately report all medical incidents to their chair or the college safety officer. Determination if an injury meets OSHA reporting qualification is time sensitive. Supervisors should ensure that the required injury documentation (general injury for non-employees, workers’ compensation for employees) is completed as soon as possible.

Minor injury or illness procedures

Minor injuries include small cuts needing stitches, 1st or 2nd degree burns, dislocated joint, fainting, needlestick, etc.

  • Request medical assistance from BYU EMS at (801) 422-2222.
  • If trained, treat a basic injury or illness with first aid.

BYU EMS will determine if the injury or illness can be treated on site of if transportation to a medical facility is needed. If college personal transport a university student or employee for follow-up medical attention a university vehicle should be used whenever possible. Transportation by personal vehicle is discouraged.

Major injury or illness

Major injuries include severe cuts where tendons or ligaments are visible, 3rd degree burns, partial or full amputation of any body part, facture to a major body part, severe shock, altered mental state, etc.

  • Call University Police at (801) 422-0911 or 911 immediately.
  • Give dispatcher as much information as possible.
  • Put continuous pressure on any serious bleeding wounds.