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We are looking forward to hearing from an exceptional lineup of speakers who will address skills to help you successfully navigate your educational and career journey.

Shawna Gigi

Shawna W. Gygi, Marriott Business Center Assistant Director

Empowering You to Negotiate Salary

  • 20+ years with the Marriott School, working directly with BYU | MBA students and the companies that hire these students.
  • My goal in this role is to teach job search skills that can be leveraged over the course of a career. Teaching content around ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ the leading interview question to targeting companies, informational interviewing, resumes, real interviews, negotiating, etc.
  • Top 5 Strengths: Maximizer, Strategic, Self-Assurance, Individualization, Ideation
  • Much about my role in the Marriott School focuses on relationships of trust. Knowing and understanding the MBA students (both 1st & 2nd years), developing relationships with employers, administration & faculty. It is in the connecting and networking with corporate recruiters on behalf of our talented MBA students, acting as an agent, where I gain the greatest satisfaction. These relationships can then be appropriately leveraged to connect people, provide solutions/opportunities to the seeking student/alumni, recruiting professionals and/or decision-makers. Relationships and engagement with people have been at the core of a successful career spanning multiple functional areas, i.e. sales/marketing, strategy & leadership.

Dixie Sevison, BYU Women's Services Director

Releasing Your Self-doubt

Dixie Sevison was born in the beautiful state of Washington, did most of her growing-up in Boise, Idaho and continues to complete her growing-up in the great state of Utah. She earned a bachelor's degree from BYU in Family Living and a master's degree in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Servant-Leadership from Gonzaga University.

Dixie is the director of Women’s Services & Resources at BYU. Prior to working at BYU, Dixie worked for Utah Valley University for over 20 years. The Majority of her time was spent working as the assistant director and then the director in the Center for Personal and Career Development/Turning Point.

Dixie is passionate about helping others to create success for themselves. She has taught classes in personal development, career development, marriage preparation, and divorce adjustment. In addition to these classes, she also presents on co-parenting and leadership. When left to her own devices, you will find Dixie with her nose in a good book, at the movie theater, or out on a walk.
Byron Adams

Byron Adams, Professor of Biology

Selecting Your Graduate Advisor

Byron Adams is a university professor and coordinator of graduate programs in the Department of Biology at Brigham Young University. He teaches BIO 503, better known as, “How to Survive Thrive in Grad School.” He’s passionate about helping students find their path while navigating landmines associated with graduate research.

Byron’s research programs in biodiversity, evolution and ecology have had the continuous support of the National Science Foundation since 2002. His most recent projects involve fieldwork in Antarctica, where he and his colleagues are studying how organisms and ecosystems respond to climate-driven changes. When he’s not freezing his butt off in Antarctica, you can find him having a great time bouncing ideas around with his students, preferably in one of Utah’s many outdoor classrooms.