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Keynote - Kimberly Flinders Abbott, MS, RN
The Power of a Science Education for Women in the Modern Age
Information explosion and shifting cultural norms make our world incredibly complicated and unpredictable. Discover the power of applying your faith and education to navigate the complexities of modern life from a mother of seven, doctoral of nursing student, triathlete, and pediatric nurse for whom education has empowered her path and personal decisions.

Kim received her MS and BS in nursing from BYU and has spent her career in pediatrics, the last 10 years at Primary Children's Inpatient Psychiatric Unit. Kim is currently in a nursing doctorate program at the University of Utah focusing on mental health. Her focus in on children "from hard places" in foster or adoptive homes, a passion which started when she was a student at BYU. Kim is married to Richard Abbott, an engineer, and they are the parents of 7 children ages 8-20. They love science exploration in their home, and when you walk through their home you are likely to hear the hum of the 3-D printer, see hydroponic plants or experiments in various stages of growth, or trip over pieces of some in-process experiment. Kim enjoys sign language interpreting, which she learned on her ASL mission, date nights to live theater, trail running, and attending the temple.
July 15, 2019
She is a Scientist for Life
Observe, experiment, analyze, revise to find flexibility and fulfillment in all aspects and seasons of life.

Julianne earned her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and her PhD in Biology at the University of Utah where her research focused on the study of metabolism. As a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Utah Biochemistry Department and Huntsman Cancer Institute, she continued her study of metabolism with a focus on the protein PAS kinase and its connections to diabetes and obesity. From 2006-2008, Julianne served as a lead scientist for the pharmaceutical company BioEnergenix, where she aided in developing an inhibitor of PAS kinase that is expected to enter clinical trials this year. She joined the faculty in the Microbiology and Molecular Biology Department at BYU in 2008, where she enjoys teaching Phage Hunters. She also continues phage research in her laboratory along with her study of diabetes. Julianne also loves spending time outdoors, particularly Southern Utah, with her husband and three children.
Curriculum Vitae
Melissa Sevy, MPH, Founder and CEO
She is a Scientist at Work
Women are making a big impact in the workplace with their collaborative management style. You can make a difference through the work you choose and pursue. Learn how to push through ambiguity as you apply for graduate school, grants or seed money, work abroad, and how to identify, land and excel in your dream job or even start your own company.

Melissa is a Founder of Musana International (a non-profit) and Ethik (a for-profit social venture) both of which work to employ and empower artisans in the developing world by facilitating their entrance into the global market. She has implemented health and community development projects in Uganda, Rwanda, India, Nepal, Morocco, and China, spending much of the past decade abroad. She is a BYU adjunct instructor, avid fruit dehydrator, and an Ironman.
July 15, 2019
She is a Professor: A Sacred Calling to Inspire Minds & Hearts
This breakout session has two aims: First, to guide you in choosing to impact a generation of learners through teaching. Second, to inspire you to not give up on your dreams. Female science professors are in high demand. Find out what a career in academia could do for you and what it takes to get there.

Len is an Associate Professor and the Associate Chair in the Department of Public Health at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah. She teaches Integrating Public Health & Primary Care and co-teaches the Interprofessional Education Collaboration (IPEC) course. Her research focuses on the social determinants of family and community health, addressing health inequities, linking public health and primary care, health inequities, and in building a culture of health through interprofessional partnerships. Len is particularly interested in defining the role of the family as the linking and sustaining framework in population health, health equity, and in health systems strengthening, especially within the context of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Len’s passion for her research on the social determinants of health comes from having lived in poverty and from having the resilience to rise above adversity through her mother’s love and teachings.
Curriculum Vitae
Jane Birch, PhD
Unconscious Bias: Influence the Conversation for Greater Equality
Cultural and social norms shape the language and expectations of individual roles resulting in unintended and often unconscious bias, e.g., “How are you going to work full-time and be a mom?” Learn to recognize gender and other group biases and how to promote understanding and awareness of gender expectations through influential and compassionate communication.

Jane Birch, PhD, is Assistant Director for Faculty Development at the Brigham Young University Faculty Center where she enjoys helping BYU faculty members become their best.
Suzanne Hyland, MBA, Business Owner/Entrepreneur
Trust Your Voice
Internships, grants, jobs, graduate school, seed funding, and many other growth opportunities require self-promotion. Yet women are often hesitant to ask for opportunity, initiate negotiation, or tout their own accomplishments. Discover when, why, and how to convey your competence with authenticity and purpose.

Suzanne graduated in Economics from BYU and began a rewarding career in clinical research. Frustrated by corporate working hours, she successfully launched her own business to gain flexibility in her schedule and work. Twenty-five years after graduating from BYU, she earned a Executive MBA and is now the Director of Education and Industry Relations for an international event company, in addition to running her business. She has done extensive research in women’s career and leadership development and has broad experience helping women navigate the complexities of work and family life.
Candilyn Newell, PhD
The Power of Relationships
Cultivating relationships facilitates personal and professional development throughout life. Learn to appropriately increase the quantity and quality of your engagement through confident and authentic interactions.

Candilyn Newell, PhD, has taught a professional etiquette class on campus for 18 semesters. She presents and consults on professional engagement and protocol to government and business organizations, including Fortune 100 companies. She has recently been invited to do a series with KSL Television. Candilyn enjoys half-marathons, reading, Pilates, puzzles, board games, and spoiling her 15 grandchildren.