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Web Application Development

As one of the largest entities on BYU Campus, the College of Life Sciences has a large and diverse presence on the Internet. The mission of the Life Sciences Web Team is to improve research, teaching, and administration within the College, as well as to promote the BYU Brand through a professional web presence.

The web team consists of one full-time administrative employee and a team of student web developers and designers who form the core of the Life Sciences Web Community. In addition, we rely on open-source and custom-built software to enable faculty, staff, and students in the college to build and maintain their own websites. By collaborating with this larger community of "content managers" our small team is able to support the large and continually growing website needs of BYU's largest college (by student enrollment).

The purpose of this site is to provide web content managers throughout the college with training, guidelines, and best practices for implementing and improving the quality of their websites.