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About the Dean's Advisory Council

The purpose of the Dean’s Advisory Council is to provide an official voice of the faculty to the life sciences administration. The council consists of one faculty member from each of the departments in the Life Sciences, and reports directly to the dean. Faculty concerns may be brought to any member of the advisory council or may be submitted online at this website. The council carefully reviews each concern and its recommendations are then passed to the administration for a final decision.

Suggestion Form

Current Issues Being Addressed

Lack of women in Life Science leadership positions

The deans advisory council is currently working on a proposal for a faculty organization that would monitor and provide solutions to gender issues. This includes monitoring female faculty to help them get to full professor so that they are able to fulfill leadership positions.

Department Reps

Brown, Michael

Physiology and Developmental Biology

Room: 2029 LSB
(801) 422-5859

Geary, Bradley

Plant and Wildlife Sciences

Room: 4123 LSB
(801) 422-2369

Grose, Julianne

Molecular and Microbiology

Room: 3140 LSB
(801) 422-4940

Hall, Cougar

Public Health

Room: 2140 LSB
(801) 422-5656

Hunter, Iain

Exercise Sciences

Room: 120D RB
(801) 422-1434

Richards, Rickelle

Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science

Room: S233 ESC
(801) 422-6855

Rogers, Duke


Room: 2103C MLBM
(801) 422-5898