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Gluten-Free and Growing: The Oat Genome’s Global Impact

By Jenny Carpenter June 06, 2022
With its long stem and small, cocoon-like structures, the oat holds complicated grains that supplement diets and, in some countries, support ecosystems and economies. But the oat doesn’t just provide prosperity to millions of people; it also holds the key to a wealth of health benefits without triggering allergies compared to other cereals such as wheat or rye.

The Search for Sperm: Fighting Male Infertility in the Jenkins Men's Reproductive Health Lab

By Erin Saito May 23, 2022
Emerging research from the Jenkins lab takes steps forward in developing tools to help those struggling with infertility.

Liking a New Species of Lichen

By Allie Richael May 05, 2022
Life Sciences students discover a new lichen species in Glen Canyon. As DNA sequencing didn’t match the green lichen, Jacob Henrie ('22) and biology professor Steve Leavitt concluded that this scaly symbiotic fungus was, in fact, a brand-new species of lichen.


Reducing the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

By Allie Richael January 25, 2022
Serious infections due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria are on the rise. How can you help stop the spread? Microbiology and Molecular Biology professor Julianne Grose suggests five simple ways you can reduce the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Using high intensity interval training to overcome obstacles to exercise

By Grace McGregor January 12, 2022
There are many obstacles that keep us from working out regularly. Three common hindrances include finding a suitable program, lacking time, and craving results. Exercise Sciences professor Jayson Gifford’s research lab is scientifically addressing these obstacles. Gifford proposes High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as a solution to these three most common obstacles.

Eating healthy on a budget

By Brooke Hansen January 12, 2022
As a busy college student, it’s difficult to fight the allure of fast food. While its convenience and prices are unmatched, eating fast food regularly can lead to nutritional deficits and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. In the effort to win the war against fast food, dietetics student Sydney Means ('21) offers a few tips to eat healthy on a budget.


BYU Life Science PhD student researches diet and lifestyle influence on Alzheimer's Disease.

PhD student, Erin Saito, explores impairments in glucose metabolism in Alzheimer's disease, which may play a significant role in disease progression.

Researching vaccine attitudes: BYU life science student is published by age 20

Living with an autoimmune disease motivated BYU life science student Kendall Pogue (PH) to actively engage in researching the influencing factors towards vaccination attitudes.

River bugs to clouded leopards: BYU plant and wildlife student is knee deep in research

July 06, 2021
Grabbing her waiter boots and a net, BYU plant & wildlife student Maddy Tidwell heads out to the stream to study how ecosystems come back to life after a huge ecological disturbance. Engaging in inspiring learning, she explores her options in genomics and conservation through mentored research.


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