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Apply for Graduation


You may receive an email telling you that you must reach out to your advisor to finish your application. This is an automatic email sent out by the University after you apply for graduation and it is not necessary. You may speak with your advisor if you would like, but it is not a requirement for the Life Sciences College.

Graduation Process

  1. Read through the information at
  2. Make sure your ecclesiastical endorsement is current through the semester/term you plan to graduate, i.e. when you will finish your coursework. You may need to renew your endorsement if you defer your graduation date.
  3. Submit the online graduation application.
    • On the graduation application, the date you choose will be the date when all of your requirements will be complete (not the date you walk in the ceremonies).
  4. Make sure you will fulfill all graduation requirements:
    1. University Core requirements
      • General Education
      • Religious Education
    2. Requirements in a Major (and in any minors or secondary majors, if applicable)
    3. Minimum university requirements
      • 30 residency credit hours (on campus as a day-continuing student)
      • 120 total credit hours
      • 2.0 GPA (cumulative and BYU GPAs)
    4. Although each individual student is ultimately responsible for their own requirements, an advisor or graduation specialist will review them as well. If you would like to meet with your advisor/graduation specialist concerning your graduation requirements, call 801-422-3042. These appointments are not mandatory.
    5. More information about these requirements can be found in the university catalog.
  5. Order Cap and Gown.
  6. Update the mailing address on your MyBYU account. This is where your diploma will be sent.

Graduation Application Deadlines

Graduation Dates and Deadlines

  • September 15 for December graduation
  • November 15 for April graduation
  • February 15 for June graduation
  • February 15 for August graduation

There are only Commencement/Convocation ceremonies following April graduation. These ceremonies are for students who graduated in April, June and August as well as the previous December (e.g. April 2022 ceremonies will consist of graduates from December 2021 through August 2022).

Independent Study courses must be completed 3 weeks prior to your graduation date. Otherwise, you may be delayed until the following graduation.

Degrees are posted beginning 2 weeks after your official graduation date. If you need proof of completion, you can request a letter from your academic advisor. Diplomas are mailed and will arrive 3-8 weeks after graduation.


  • If you miss these deadlines, fill out the application for the next graduation date. Then email your advisor and ask to be moved to the earlier graduation.
  • If you need to change your graduation to a date later than the one you selected, please email your advisor and ask to be moved to the correct graduation date.
  • If your requirements will not be completed because you need more time to complete internship hours, an Independent Study course, or an Incomplete, it is your responsibility to inform your advisor so your graduation date can be deferred to the future.

Find out who your advisor is by going here and scrolling down.