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Life Sciences Advisory Council

Kathleen Clawson


LSAC Assistant


Kathleen was born in Korea and adopted with her natural brother and sister when she was 9 years old. She was baptized and sealed to her family couple of years later. She has 6 sisters and 7 brothers. Her family moved from California to Elk Ridge, Utah in 1991. Kathleen earned a BS in Psychology and met her husband, Brett at BYU. They moved to Maryland in August of 1999 and recently moved back to Utah this summer. They have 3 sons and are currently building a house in Vineyard, Utah. Kathleen is a runner and has completed 6 marathons, a dozen half's and numerous 10k's and 5k's. Her favorite things are: her family, reading, running on trails with her dog, Greta, working with the Young Women's, training with HS XC team and decorating. She is excited to be in a new area and start exploring the National Parks with her family.