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BYU Public Health Graduate a CDC Public Health Apprentice

Ashley Arrington Faas is working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a Public Health Apprentice


Ashley Arrington Faas, a 2010 Public Health graduate, is working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a Public Health Apprentice assigned to the District 2 Public Health Department in Gainesville, Georgia.

Ashley began her 2-year appointment this summer. For the first year, Ashley is focusing on Emergency Preparedness and next year she will work in Health Promotion. Ashley says,

On a day to day basis I spend the majority of my time working on projects for the Department. I have taken numerous FEMA/ICS classes, participated in vaccination clinics, drills (such as a portable hospital drill), and trainings. I have also had the opportunity to write two grants, conduct a radiological threat assessment, and develop biological/chemical warfare decontamination methods.”

In addition to her work with the district health department, Ashley maintains close contact with the CDC. Of this aspect, Ashley reports,

My responsibilities for CDC have included attending a week long training for the new 2010 apprentices in August. The other apprentices and I were housed by CDC, given a tour of the many CDC campuses, and attended workshops and presentations according to our specializations. It was an amazing experience. I also participate in monthly phone conferences with the other apprentices to discuss our latest projects, concerns, and advice. I am required to complete required CDC online trainings about twice a month and I am in constant contact with my CDC advisor.”

Ashley speaks very highly of her public health apprentice experience,

CDC group.jpg

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the program as it has been a perfect transition from the academic world to the professional world. For example, the program provides me the freedom to work on many different projects and areas as I do not have a set job description. Although I am specifically working in Emergency Preparedness, I have been able to help run a farmers market for the WIC program, conduct HIV/AIDS testing at the local detention center, and attend restaurant health inspections. The program has helped me gain much needed skills in a particular fields, but also supports my desire to gain a general knowledge of a variety of programs in Public Health.”

“The program has also provided me an insight into both federal and state programs. I have enjoyed being in both agencies as they are so different from one another.”

Ashley says of her experience living in the south,

“Georgia has been great, although it has been a bit of a culture shock. I never realized how “southern” some areas outside Atlanta can be. I have had my fair share of barbecue, grilled chicken and waffles! I even attended my first rodeo!