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Living Through History

Life Sciences student shares insights on staying positive in light of COVID-19 and other current challenges.

Over the course of the last week, our way of life has changed drastically. From the cancellation of all in-person classes, to the temporary closures of businesses, restaurants, and theaters, to an earthquake acting as an alarm clock, we’ve gone through a lot.

View of campus and Y Mount with rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds.
Photo by Nate Edwards

In a recent article by Chuck Dinerstein, he states: “The world has changed; while we are painfully aware of our fragility, remember this great country has survived Spanish Influenza and two world wars. The way you feel today is no different than the generations before us that woke up the day after 9-11, or Pearl Harbor, or any time we have required a unified response. It is time for your first responders to take a deep breath, put aside the things you cannot change, and do your part. For the moment, it only requires us to wash our hands, be mindful of others, and refashion the parts of your life that you can.”

We are living through history and while it might be stressful, there is still a lot of good going on in the world.

  • Pollution has decreased significantly all over the world. In Venice, Italy, the canal water is clear. Fish can be seen swimming in water that was previously too murky to see anything but floating litter.
  • We have the technology to talk to our friends and family all across the world while social distancing.
  • Want to watch Netflix with your friends while still social distancing? Check out this Chrome extension to have a Netflix Party.
  • In Naples, Italy, residents began singing together from their balconies while under quarantine. Watch it here.
  • China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital because there aren’t enough new cases.
  • The first clinical trials and experimental treatments for the novel coronavirus have begun.
  • The Cleveland Clinic developed a COVID-19 test that gives results in hours instead of days.
  • Utah company Co-Diagnostics received FDA approval for its COVID-19 test which allows them to produce 50,000 tests per day out of Salt Lake City.

In this trying time, we have the choice to focus on ourselves or look for ways to help others. While we may need to practice social distancing, we can still use technology to reach out to those who are lonely or sick. It might be a stressful time, but we can get through this together! DM us @byulifesciences and share with us inspiring things that you’ve seen over the past week!