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Which Vaccine is Right For Me?

Author: Chantel Sloan, PhD, Public Health, BYU
Respiratory Infectious Disease Epidemiology

The Top Vaccine Candidates

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Vaccine Type Doses Storage Efficacy
Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA 2 -70 °C
Moderna mRNA 2 -20 °C
AstraZeneca/Oxford Adenovector 2 4-8°C
(varies by dosage)
Johnson&Johnson Adenovector 1 -20°C
(85+% against severe COVID)

Local and health departments oversee vaccine distribution. There are limited of each vaccine available, so its unlikely that you will get to choose which one you get. All of the vaccines in use right now in the US and abroad are very effective against preventing the worst outcomes from COVID-19. They have all been proven safe in clinical trials. If you have specific questions about the vaccines, ask your doctor.

What about Vaccination Among Special Groups


Decision to be vaccinated made by individual consultation with doctor (No evidence of birth defects from COVID-19)


Vaccine trials in children under 16 years old are currently underway. Unclear when studies will be finished and vaccine available.


Encouraged to get vaccine in consultation with physician. It won't be as effective as if immune system is healthy, but still confer some protection.

Certain Minority Groups

Minority groups hit particularly hard by COVID-19, such as citizen of the Navajo Nation, are a priority group for vaccination.