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Arminda Suli

Associate Professor
Cell Biology and Physiology

3048 LSB
Provo, UT 84602

Research Interests

Our lab uses the zebrafish model organism to study the mechanisms that oversee proper development and formation of neural circuits. Of particular interest is the development and innervation of mechanosensory hair cells of the lateral line system. Hair cells are specialized sensory cells that mediate hearing and balance in mammals and are additionally used as part of the lateral line system in fish and amphibians to detect prey and predators, to perform rheotaxis etc. A second project in the lab focuses on understanding the development of neurons that receive and coordinate input from multiple sensory systems. Multisensory neurons can be affected in individuals with neurological disorders such as autism, dyslexia etc. Our lab uses optogenetic techniques to study these neurons.

Teaching Interests

PDBIO482, Developmental Biology


  • PhD, Neurobiology and Anatomy , University of Utah (2007)
  • BS, Microbiology , Brigham Young University (1999)


  • Association for Research in Otolaryngology (2018 - Present)
  • International Zebrafish Society (2018 - Present)
  • The Genetics Society of America (2016 - Present)
  • Society for Developmental Biology (2015 - Present)
  • Society for Neuroscience (2003 - Present)

Courses Taught


K P Ringer M G Roth M S Garey T B Piorczynski Arminda Suli Jason Merrell Hansen Jonathan Kimball Alder Isaac D Sheffield Mercedes A McGee Steven J Glenn Da Young Baek Joshua M Coleman Bradley K Dorius Channing Williams Brandon J Rose Anthony E Sanchez Michael A Goodman John M Daines Dennis Lee Eggett Val C Sheffield Arminda Suli David Lee Kooyman Steven J Glenn Channing Williams John Daines Ashley Jensen Jonathan Starley Arminda Suli David Lee Kooyman Arminda Suli R Pujol D E Cunningham D W Hailey A Prendergast E W Rubel D W Raible T Yoshimatsu F D D'Orazi C R Gamlin S C Suzuki Arminda Suli D Kimelman D W Raible R O Wong Arminda Suli A D Guler D W Raible D Kimelman Hillary F McGraw Corey D Snelson Andrew Prendergast Arminda Suli David W Raible Arminda Suli Glen M Watson Edwin W Rubel David W Raible Amy H Lim Arminda Suli Karina Yaniv Brent Weinstein Dean Y Li Chi-Bin Chien Minde I Willardsen Arminda Suli Yi Pan Nicholas Marsh-Armstrong Chi-Bin Chien Heithem El-Hodiri Nadean L Brown Kathryn B Moore Monica L Vetter Sutip Navankasattusas Kevin J Whitehead Arminda Suli Lise K Sorensen Amy H Lim Jia Zhao Kye W Park Joshua D Wythe Kirk R Thomas Chi-Bin Chien Dean Y Li Arminda Suli Nathan Mortimer Iain Mortimer Chi-Bin Chien Brent D Wilson Massaki Li Kye W Park Arminda Suli Lise K Sorensen Frederic F Larrieu-Lahargue Lisa D Urness Wonhee Suh Jun Asai Gerhardus AH Kock Tina Thorne Marcy Silver Kirk R Thomas Chi-Bin Chien Doug W Losordo Dean Y Li Alison Millson Arminda Suli Leah Hartung Steve Kunitake Ann Bennett Mary C Nordberg Wedad Hanna Carl T Wittwer Arun Seth Elaine Lyon Elaine Lyon Alison Millson Arminda Suli


Steven J Glenn Channing Williams John Daines Ashley Jensen Jonathan Starley Arminda Suli David Lee Kooyman
Arminda Suli