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Jordan Jones

Applications Engineer
LSIT Student Employees

Major: Mechanical Engineering

I started working CSR in LSIT at the beginning of summer semester 2017. I enjoy problem solving and finding fixes to problems. I take time to try and find the root of the problem as opposed to a quick fix. I ask questions and get things done to the best of my ability. I am currently in the Mechanical Engineering program at BYU and am looking to work in the automotive industry. Although I will not be working with computers directly I do believe that the ability to work as a team and to work through problems that arise are important skills that I have developed in my program thus far, and are valued in IT work. I am more stubborn than the problems that professors call in with and I can promise a fix to any problem professors bring to the table.





People SkillsAdvanced24
Printers and ScannersIntermediate4
Active DirectoryNovice0.25
Program Installation and TroubleshootingNovice0.25
Remote Control of ComputersNovice0.25
Jordan Jones