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Sandra Hope

Teaching Professor
Microbiology & Molecular Biology

3134 LSB
Provo, UT 84602

At Utah State University, I received my undergraduate degree in German while studying pre-veterinary medicine.  I then completed a Master’s Degree at Utah State University in BioVeterinary Science with research on anti-viral drugs.  At the University of Kentucky, I obtained a PhD in Veterinary science, with emphasis on virology and molecular immunology in horses.  My post-doctoral research was in immunology at the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical School where I developed the first transgenic inducible macrophage knockout mouse model.  I joined BYU in 2004.  I am currently pursuing a business degree in the BYU Marriot School Executive MBA program and anticipate earning that degree in 2021.

Teaching Interests
I enjoy teaching in the lecture and lab settings, and in one-on-one or small group teaching for research.  As the director of the Research Instrumentation Core facility, I work with students to use research equipment, refine research protocols, and interpret research data.  As a teaching professor, I teach Immunology lecture and lab, Infection & Immunity (which includes virology, immunology, and bacteriology), and Biology classes.

Research Interests
In the Research Instrumentation Core facility, I collaborate or advise on diverse applications for Flow Cytometry.  I have lead or collaborated on projects ranging from phage treatment of a bacterial infection in honeybees to nanotechnology applications for DNA delivery into cells and production of transgenic animals.  My current research interest centers on business practices and technology transfer from the sciences into industry, which is why I am currently in the Executive MBA program.

University of Kentucky, Vet Science, Ph.D. (2000)
Utah State University, Vet Science, M.S. (1993)
Utah State University, German, B.Sc. (1992)

Administrative Positions
Director of the Research Instrumentation Core Facility (RIC)

The RIC is a College of Life Sciences facility hosted by the Microbiology and Molecular Biology Department. The RIC houses a FACSCanto flow cytometer, gel imager, plate reader, NanoDrop spectrophotometer, mini fluorimeter, high speed centrifuge, cytospin centrifuge and a Zeiss fluorescent microscope. The RIC has the following goals:

1. Procure and maintain high quality research equipment: improve access to and use of high quality research equipment, maintain quality instruments, and procure quality instruments not otherwise attainable for an individual lab.
2. Provide sample processing services and technical support through technical support for general use equipment in the facility, services for sample processing on technically complex equipment, and interpretation of generated data.
3. Provide training and promote the use of available research equipment by training users on the use of research equipment and interpretation of data, and promoting the use of research equipment.

Duties of the director include the above three goals and regular duties for facility operations such as purchasing supplies; overseeing equipment maintenance; advising students and faculty about RIC equipment capabilities, protocols and data analysis assistance; managing accounts; and supervising the work of the laboratory technician.

Honors and Awards
Brigham Young University : Outstanding Achievement in Technology Transfer


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