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Dr. Amber Gonda: Illuminating Cancer Research at BYU

New Assistant Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology

A light-skinned woman with dark, curly hair smiles.
Photo by BYU Photo

The College of Life Sciences welcomes Dr. Amber Gonda, a dynamic force in cancer research. With her passion, innovative thinking, and commitment to making a difference, Gonda is poised to enhance our understanding of the disease as she researches advancements to unlock the potential of exosomes in the fight against cancer.  

Gonda researches tumor detection, focusing on finding solutions to the limitations of conventional imaging techniques such as MRI, CT scans, and PET scans, particularly when dealing with smaller or diffuse tumors and tissue biopsies.

Cells release tiny extracellular vesicles—exosomes—that carry invaluable cargo-like proteins and DNA. By analyzing the exosomes floating within a patient's bloodstream, Gonda plans to create a precise tumor map and provide doctors with valuable insights for personalized treatment strategies. This breakthrough may pave the way for targeted immunotherapy approaches and ensure that each patient receives tailored treatment based on their unique tumor profile. 

As Gonda enters her new role at the College of Life Sciences, she brings a vibrant spirit and a thirst for adventure. When she's not immersed in the intricacies of cancer research, Gonda loves exploring the great outdoors. Whether carving through fresh powder on the slopes or scaling cliffs, she finds solace and excitement in nature. But her passions don't end there! Driven by a curious mind, she also indulges in literature.  

Gonda's dedication to unraveling the mysteries of cancer and her work with exosomes demonstrates her commitment to transforming the diagnoses and treatment of this complex disease. With her enthusiasm, Gonda is set to inspire a new generation of scientists and propel us closer to better solutions for cancer.