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Farris Child Named Utah Advisor of the Year

He is recognized for his effective and continuous advising strategies

The Utah Advising Association (UAA) committee would like to congratulate Farris Child for receiving the UAA ‘Utah Advisor of the Year’ award at the annual conference held at the Ogden Eccles Conference Center on May 29–30, 2014. Farris was nominated by Life Sciences Student Services Manager, Jeanne Gubler. Her letter was outstanding in explaining Farris’s passion for and dedication to his work. Farris is the first advisor to receive this prestigious award!

He is recognized for his effective and continuous advising strategies, and as someone who goes the extra mile assisting students in creating meaningful connections to the institution, to their peers and to faculty. He has exemplary interpersonal skills and works consistently in a caring-nurturing nature. Farris shows initiative and creativity with his advisees, helping them reach their full potential and monitoring their academic and career progress. He is also recognized for making a significant contribution to the quality of his advising department, BYU’s academic advising community, and mastering institutional policies and procedures.

Farris is one of several professionals working at a UAA participating institution that was nominated, and accepted the nomination by submitting a professional portfolio. The UAA committee was extremely impressed with the quality of work Farris put into his portfolio. It exceeded our expectations and the awarding criteria.

For this award, Farris received a plaque, $250.00, and a complimentary registration for next year’s UAA professional conference. We are pleased to have BYU’s Farris Child as an outstanding and award-winning member of our Utah Advisement community!