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Female Faculty Members Awarded for Contribution to BYU

Faculty Women’s Association annual awards recognize scholarship, mentoring, citizenship

At the annual retreat of the BYU Faculty Women’s Association (FWA) last week, five members of the campus community were honored for their valuable contribution to the university and beyond.

The awards were given in four categories: mentoring, scholarship, adjunct faculty and citizenship.
Adjunct Faculty Award Winners: Julie Duncan and Ana Mitchell
Department: Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science

Julie Duncan and Ana Mitchell have shared a position in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science since 1999. Julie and Ana team teach one of the more visible courses on campus – NDFS 375, Food Production Management Lab, better known as The Pendulum Court. What most people don’t know is that it takes the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon, a generous dose of business acumen, and quick wits to produce that meal.

“We have an amazing and wonderful group of dedicated faculty women at BYU who are using their unique talents to fulfill the mission of the university,” said FWA President and Mathematics Professor Denise Halverson. “Our well-deserving award recipients are just a few examples.”

With a charge to support the mission of BYU, the FWA works to create a sense of community among its members, to improve the quality of professional life for faculty women on campus and to increase awareness of and sensitivity to gender issues at the university.

“Through inspiring presentations, opportunities to interact and recognition of accomplishments, FWA supports women faculty in their endeavors to use their unique talents to help fulfill the mission of BYU,” said Halverson. We welcome any women faculty and administrators at BYU to join.”


Originally published in BYU News