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Finding her path with neuroscience

Honored Graduating Student: Anna Everett (Neuroscience)

Anna Everett says the passion is all in scientific research. After growing up with a mom struggling with an autoimmune disease, she noticed the benefits and disadvantages the medical field provided. She knew this was an area she wanted to explore, and she sees research as the broadest way to make a difference.

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Before serving her mission in Tahiti, Everett came to BYU from Newbury Park, California, with encouragement from her high school humanities teachers to work based on her passions. On her mission, she saw a real need for neuroscience research on top of her experiences watching her mom and came home knowing what she wanted to do.

Along with her research in preventative PTSD treatment with neuroscience professor Jeff Edwards, Everett manages a team of undergraduate researchers and leads a study developing analysis tools in molecular data with professor Jordan Yorgason. Everett actively engages in inspiring learning opportunities. She has given nine presentations and is the lead author for an accepted publication of her research with Dr. Yorgason. In addition, she has received $6,000 in grants to fund her rodent-based research with Dr. Edwards.

“I had originally planned to go to grad school immediately following graduation, but then I got engaged, so that’s changed a little,” Everett laughs. She looks forward to getting married after graduation and then will conduct research at the University of Utah. She plans on applying for PhD programs later this year.

When Everett isn’t winning awards for tuition, teaching, and research, she plays Dance, Dance Revolution and hangs out with her friends. This summer she plans on visiting all the national parks Utah has to offer. “It’s all about balance,” the 22-year-old said.

Overall, what made her program the best for her is that she made friends. “I have just really loved the community I’ve found in the neuroscience program…take school seriously, but don’t forget to talk to the people around you! Make friends and schedule your classes together!”