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Finding Your Place: Life Sciences Student Council

The College of Life Sciences Student Council is comprised of students who advocate for the voices of their peers and embrace three primary goals:

  1. Find a place of belonging
  2. Be aware of spiritual enlightenment
  3. Find ways you can become involved

At the fall belonging event seventy percent of surveyed students said they did not feel like they belonged in the college community. The LS Student Council listened to this feedback and has made it a priority to boost the students and help them find their place. They have now dedicated a belonging group to help create an environment of inclusion. Wanting to further connect students, they are currently active in organizing charity programs such as Choose 2 Give, which offers the students a chance to donate to their community. Harrison Kiser, president of the LS Student Council shared, “As a council we are confident that these projects are creating stronger connections between students and their surrounding community, helping them find their place within the college.”

A group of student stands on a staircase.
Life Science Student Council
Photo by Kylee Brown

Along with listening to students and helping them find a place to belong, the student council encourages students to keep their eyes open to understanding spiritual enlightenment. At BYU, spiritual enlightenment goes hand in hand with the student’s education, and the LS Student Council works to model this process for students. When Harrison Kiser, president of the LS Student Council, was asked how he has seen God’s hand influencing the LS Student Council, he shared his beliefs in how this process works personally for him. He said, “It is really cool to see the inspiration come down from the top and change how we are working together as students.” To make this inspiration possible, the student council members put in diligent work and sacrifice their time. Once a week the student council comes together to generate ideas and projects on how to improve day-to-day life for the students. One such goal has been putting QR codes on vending machines to make it easier for consumers, especially those with specific allergens, to see all the options in the vending machines. The student council believes that these weekly meetings bring together people who are motivated to represent Christlike values while fostering an environment to do good.

Another major goal of the LS Student Council is to give students hands-on experience for their majors and future. They strive to be the bridge between the students and the opportunities for them to get involved in. The many opportunities students can take advantage of will give students a leg up in their careers. To start, Kiser advises students to step out of their comfort zone and find something that will get them involved. Students can volunteer for research labs, join clubs, or even start by talking with professors and the dean. They encourage all to jump into internships and study abroad programs and set goals to find ways to help others around them.

The Student Council extends a warm welcome to all those new to the College of Life Sciences, whether they be a senior or a new freshmen. They encourage all to find their place, be aware of spiritual enlightenment, and find all the ways to be involved. They cannot wait to help students who are in need. Most importantly, they urge students to remember that there is a place for them here at the College of Life Sciences.