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Honored Graduate: Katelynn Hales

A headshot of Katelynn Hales who is wearing a maroon sweater and has her brown hair in a braid over her shoulder
Photo by Nicholas Rex

I’m always going to be interested in helping myself and others live a healthy life, regardless of where they are in life. I’m just trying to live the best way that I can.
A light-skinned woman with long, curly brown hair stands facing and touching a large, upright oval machine. The machine is cream-colored with a blue and white label on the front that says, "BOD POD." There is a clear window at the top of the machine, which shows the head and shoulders of a light-skinned person inside the machine who is wearing a black swim cap.
Hales works with the BOD POD, a machine used to determine body composition by measuring changes in air pressure when a body sits inside. Several students in the exercise science major work as personal health coaches through Y-Be-Fit, a program that helps BYU and community members achieve their fitness, dietary, and wellness goals.
Photo by Nicholas Rex

Katelynn Hales (EXSC '23) finds a lot of fulfillment in helping others achieve their health goals. She’s currently interning as a health coach—she works with others to help them lead healthy lifestyles in ways that work for them. Hales explained that each new client participates in a fitness test at the beginning of their program. After the test, Hales helps the client set goals and customizes a program to fit their habits and lifestyle. After a few months, the client tests again to measure the progress they’ve made. She finds a lot of value in learning skills that benefit herself and others on a daily basis.

When she isn’t at school or her internship, Hales loves teaching Zumba classes on campus, participating in social dance, and doing some aerial silk work. Her family is from Salem, Utah, and she is the second oldest of five siblings.

Hales looks forward to graduation and is excited to see where post-BYU life takes her. Her advice to exercise science undergraduate students is to take advantage of the faculty’s knowledge. Talk to them and get to know them after class—that’s what’s helped her enjoy her education the most.