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Landscape Management Club

Extracurricular Activities

The BYU Landscape Management Club sponsors events focused on its student's professional development. It also sponsors social events to encourage and support student and faculty interaction outside of the classroom. This extracurricular opportunity is the best way for new landscape management students to meet and interact with more experienced students. Internships, job prospects, occasional marriages and wisdom arise from such interactions.

In addition, the Landscape Management Club promotes student participation in professional meetings and field trips. For many students, these trips are a life-changing event. There is no better way to catch the vision of opportunities available in landscape contracting. You will meet friendly, real employers who need qualified employees to help grow their companies. In addition, you will strengthen friendships that will last a lifetime. As an active member of the club, industry donations and club fundraisers financially support your trips to these meetings.


BYU Landscape Management students and alumni informally network through the Facebook group "BYU Landscape Management Alumni". While this site is neither sponsored nor maintained by BYU, it is another useful place for locating employment opportunities and staying in contact.

Club Presidency

Presidency cam.jpg
President: Camron Stewart
Presidency Marco.jpg
Vice President: Marco Crosland
Presidency Andreea.jpg
Secretary: Andreea Stoica
Presidency rach.jpg
Director of Marketing: Rachel Houldrige
Presidency Mich.jpg
Presidency Brookie.jpg
Fall Semester Rep: Brookie Jackson