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Life Sciences Leadership Council (LSLC)

Foundational Charter

The Life Sciences Leadership Council aims to support the College of Life Sciences in its primary mission to "Inspire learning and discovery in the life sciences for the benefit of the world." Council members’ efforts will support a culture and environment within the College of Life Sciences where students and faculty together can learn, discover, and achieve their educational, career, and scientific ambitions.

Mission and outcomes of the LSLC include the following:

  1. Grow a network of highly successful life sciences professionals where friendships, collaborations, and opportunities will benefit students in their educational and career paths.
  2. Provide industry/career-specific insights to college leadership that may assist in informing curriculum and experiential learning priorities.
  3. Interact with students to understand their BYU experience, mentor them in potential career paths, and build connections for post-graduation support.
  4. Serve as ambassadors in promoting the College of Life Sciences’ Vision, Mission, and Values and support the dean’s fundraising priorities to benefit students.

The LSLC may formally meet twice per year during scheduled summits, with additional subcommittee gatherings as needed. Consistent contributions to the mission are expected, particularly in ways that directly benefit students.

The LSLC leadership team could include president (current, past, and president elect), membership coordinator, philanthropies liaison, student mentorship coordinator, and other officers as needed. They report to the dean/associate deans.

Membership should come from well-established life science leaders in fields that align with college departments and are relevant to students and graduates from the College of Life Sciences. Members should have the time and financial resources to attend meetings (in person or remotely) and participate in the work of the LSLC. All members are encouraged to contribute annually to the college fund.

For additional information or to apply to join the LSLC, please contact Associate Dean Michael Stark (