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Moving On and Moving In

New Appointments

Mike Whiting | Life Science Museum Director
August 2021

Mike Whiting

Tonya Fischio | Assistant Dean of Communications and PR
October 2021

Tonya Fischio
Photo by Madeline Mortensen

New Hires

Daniel Dearden | LS Advisor
July 2021

Daniel Dearden

Monica Eastman | LS Advisor
July 2021

Monica Eastman

Shawn Christensen | Chromatography Lab
August 2021

Shawn Christensen
Photo by Ellie Alder

Matthew Bailey | Biology Professor
August 2021

Matthew Bailey
Photo by Madeline Mortensen


Bev Roader | Biology Professor
July 2021

Bev Roader
Photo by BYU Photo

Gale Larson | LS Advisor
August 2021

Gale Larson
Photo by Aislynn Edwards

Jiping Zou | Chromatography Lab
August 2021

Jiping Zou

Duke Rogers | Life Sciences Museum Director
December 2021

Duke Rogers
Photo by Aaron Corina