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Offering Expert Advice

As the COVID-19 virus spread around the globe, BYU reached out to faculty in the College of Life Sciences to answer scientific questions that could aid administration in the decision-making process. New information was revealed daily about the transmission of the virus, the effectiveness of masks, and how to proceed with social interactions. Insight from epidemiologists, microbiologists, and public health professionals within the BYU community added value to the decision-making process.

Together, the faculty researched everything available about the transmission of the virus. They also gathered data about BYU housing, transportation, and public spaces. The committee created an in-depth model of possible patterns to the spread of COVID-19 in the community and continue to study the correlation between the spread of the virus and the relationships at BYU.

In addition to providing valuable information and professional recommendations to the university, the committee work spurred new research on COVID-19 from all departments and allowed faculty to form new relationships for cross-college collaboration.

The committee was comprised of:
Chantel Sloan, Brianna Magnusson, & Jim Johnston Department of Public Health Contributing their experience in virology.

Marc Hansen Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology For his expertise concerning epidemics.

Brad Berges & Richard Robison Department of Microbiology and Molecular Biology. Providing their insights from microbiology.