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Upcoming Exhibits

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Unlike other museums, the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum does not charge admission. Exhibits are free for any visitor thanks to the donors and endowments given to the museum.


December 2017 to March 2018

This traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian Institution will feature the reconstruction of a monstrously large fossil snake that could have eaten a horse. While the titan snake will be the center of the exhibit, it will also be an opportunity to learn about the biology of snakes and the beneficial role they play in ecosystems.

Faith and Science

Summer 2018

This exhibit will explore the relationship of science and faith by exploring how evolution and Creation can coexist without contradicting each other. Rogers wants it to be presented with openness: “Not to tell people, ‘This is what you need to believe,’ but, ‘Here’s . . . where we’re coming from. What do you think?’ So we’re not telling people, we’re letting them explore it.”

Riparian Ecology

Spring 2018

A riparian area is one that is located on the bank of a natural watercourse, such as a river or a lake. This exhibit, initially developed by the University of Utah, will be tailored to educate visitors about the Provo River drainage.