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Microbiology & Molecular Biology welcomes new academic program coordinator

Nancy Morrill recently joined the Microbiology & Molecular Biology department as an academic program coordinator. In this role, she will help Microbiology & Molecular Biology graduate students along their academic path. She is responsible for reviewing graduate student applications, providing academic guidance to students, and assisting with events like the agar art competition.

MMBio academic program coordinator Nancy Morrill

“I love working with students,” Morrill says. “I love helping them succeed and complete goals in order to take those next steps and have the most amazing life possible.” Morrill hopes to express her gratitude for the doors of opportunity opened to her by opening similar doors for students navigating their careers.

As an undergraduate student, Morrill came to BYU from Modesto, California to study broadcast communications. Since then, her work has taken her across the country, from TV stations in Ohio to a committee over the Boston temple. She and her husband have 19-year-old twins who are currently studying at BYU. Morrill worked as a director of admissions and an academic counselor for a school in American Fork before shifting to her current role.

Morrill feels that her variety of life experiences have prepared her for her position as MMBio academic program coordinator. “I can take all of the skills that I’ve learned and developed over the years and put them to work here,” she says. “Everything that I've done fits so nicely with this role.”

Morrill says students can stop by her office at 4012 LSB, contact her via email at, or call her office phone at 801-422-4293.