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New Student-led Exhibits Open at Life Science Museum

Students from life sciences and fine arts collaborate to address the climate and COVID-19 in two new engaging exhibits.

table setting at the climate change exhibit

The Bean Life Science Museum at Brigham Young University announces the opening of two new student-led exhibits. Combining the knowledge of students from the BYU College of Life Sciences with the skills of design and illustration students, the museum has created a unique collaboration exploring current issues. Change the Climate and Understanding COVID-19 opened to the public on January 23, 2023. Both exhibits feature interactive technology and engaging information.

Change the Climate addresses the current climate and showcases solutions to improve the situation. Understanding COVID-19 explores the history of pandemics and takes a deep dive into questions surrounding the disease. Understanding COVID-19 also features the artwork of Utah artist Linda Barnes. Her “Quaran Team” display invokes empathy as human-like animals explore the impact of COVID-19 on their lives through illustration and poetry.

Covid 19 exhibit

“We are using our exhibits as an opportunity to create science communicators of the future,” said Travis Schenck, Bean Life Science Museum Exhibit Designer. “By engaging BYU students in the exhibit design process, we help them translate the complex ideas they learn in classes to content that any of our visitors can understand.”

The project started in the fall of 2021, with students and BYU professors collaborating to establish narratives for the exhibits. Working with Bean Life Science Museum staff, students brought the exhibitions to life with graphic design, construction, and creativity.

The exhibits will be on display in the upper gallery of the Bean Life Science Museum. “Quaran Team” will be displayed through March of 2023, with the rest of the exhibitions open throughout the year.

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