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RingCentral - Using the Mobile App on your phone

Downloading, display, and how to change your profile picture


Setting up RingCentral on your mobile device or tablet is quick and easy. It will allow you to take your office work with you as your RingCentral is your office phone number. Working abroad? Not a problem! You can still pick up calls just like you would from your office. The same can be said for working in the lab - you always have access to your office phone if you have your mobile device with you. And don't worry about getting calls after hours - you can set your available hours in your RingCentral settings. You can also change your profile picture on RingCentral from the mobile app!

Downloading the App and Signing in:

- Open the play store (android) or app store (apple) on your phone and search for "RingCentral"

- Click Install

- After the app installs, click on on the App to open it

- Click on the sign in option

- Enter your and click on the "Single Sign On" option - Enter BYU credentials as directed from there

Changing your Profile Picture on the App:

- To Download the app, click on the profile icon in the top left corner of your display

- This will take you to a settings page - click on the profile icon again

- From here, you should see a photo settings page - click on the pencil icon over the profile icon

- From here, choose a photo from your phone or a take a new photo from your device's camera

- Once selected, your Profile icon will now show the picture of you that you selected - this will carry over to all your RingCentral devices that are synced to your account