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Thank You for Considering a Gift
Thank You for Considering a Gift
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BYU Professor, Student Contribute to New Way of Looking at DNA
Scientists used to believe that 95 percent of our DNA was useless, termed "junk DNA." New evidence suggests their estimate was quite a bit off.
Mentored Student Learning
Mentored learning is a BYU initiative that encourages significant hands-on research and creative scholarly opportunities for undergraduate students.
BYU Student a Co-author in World’s Top Science Journal
BYU neuroscience major Jesse Cobell graduates this month with an impressive line on his resume: Co-authored research in the world’s most highly-cited scientific journal.
Teaching and Research
You can support teaching at BYU or give to promote research projects by students and faculty.

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Dean James P. Porter
Problems that have always seemed unsolvable are giving way to solutions. Previously unimaginable opportunities are popping up in every area of the life sciences. A set of tools has recently become available that people could not even dream of just a few years ago. The College of Life Sciences is showing students how to use these new tools to focus their futures on today's problems and opportunities.

Your support is making all of this happen. Investments in students is an investment in a better future for all of us.  Every donation, large or small, makes a difference. Thank you for your generous support.

James P. Porter
Dean of The College of Life Sciences