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Life Sciences Advisory Council

Paul and Leslie Kay


LSAC Member


Paul was born in Vernal, Utah. Growing up, he loved spending time with his dad and brothers in the mountains of eastern Utah. He served an LDS mission in Brazil which changed his life forever. After graduating from the University of Utah with a BS in Chemistry, he attended school at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, earning his MDPh.D. He completed his residency in Pathology at the Mayo Clinic. He worked as a consultant in the pathology department at the Mayo Clinic before moving to central Illinois, where he has lived for over 14 years. Paul has been involved with the education of medical students and residents both at the Mayo Clinic and Southern Illinois University. He enjoys teaching and helping students navigate the process to become healthcare professionals. Leslie was born in Murray, Utah, although her family lived in Corpus Christi, Texas, where her dad was stationed during his service in the Navy. After his Naval retirement, the family moved to Utah, residing in Provo. She come from a family of ten children. Leslie met Paul while attending the University of Utah, where she received a BA in English. Leslie has been involved in the public school system, volunteering in classrooms, working as a reading mentor and teaching Art Outreach classes. She has served in various capacities in the spouse resident and medical associations. She enjoys a good laugh, friends, family, teaching children, family history-particularly the stories behind the people, and writing a good story. Paul and Leslie have three children and three grandchildren. each of their kids has attended BYU, growing in them a love of this great university and its mission. Mostly Paul and Leslie love their family and the gospel.