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Life Sciences Funded Internship Opportunities

Where will you be next summer? There are so many opportunities and the College of Life Sciences can help you get there!

Student Research

The College of Life Sciences has partnered with several prestigious organizations across the country to offer students an opportunity to apply for Life Sciences Funded Internships that include a stipend up to $8,000.

Why should you apply for Life Sciences Funded Internships?

“It teaches you a lot about the research process and helps you make valuable connections in your field of interest,” says Zack Ewell, a 2019 internship participant. “Being a full-time intern at Tolero Pharmaceuticals was an incredible opportunity for me to learn more about the research process and delve into reading and learning new research techniques . . . This has significantly increased my ability to understand data presented in classroom and lab settings, and I have developed improved critical thinking.”

Still not sure? “Just do it!” says Jake Hogan, who completed a 2019 internship with Massachusetts General Hospital through Harvard Medical School. “The internship is so worth it! It is the single biggest thing in my medical school application,” he says. “More than that, it was the chance to learn more about what I love from experts, prepare for a future in medical research, and have a great experience in Boston.”

How to apply

To be eligible for Life Sciences Funded Internships, students must meet the following requirements:
· Be a Life Sciences or Neuroscience major
· Graduate after August 2020
· Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
· Enroll in LFSCI 399R or at least 1.0 credit hour of internship (399R or 496R) through the department
· Participate in a minimum of 42 contact hours for each credit hour
· If selected, submit a weekly update

Deadline: January 31, 2020, with some exceptions.
Learn more at

Additional internship and funding opportunities

For additional internship opportunities, visit Check out programs and funding opportunities under the Student Resources tab at Although these internships are not sponsored directly by the College of Life Sciences, students may receive financial support for travel expenses from their departments and apply for additional travel grants through the college. Note that the college does not fund travel for job shadowing.

To receive travel funding for internships not sponsored directly by the college, students must meet the following requirements:
· Be a Life Sciences major participating in an academic internship
· Enroll in 1 credit hour of an academic internship course (usually 399R or higher) prior to departure