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Exercise Sciences Honored Student

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David Hoyt, EXSC honored graduating student
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David Hoyt

Graduation Message
Congratulations, Cougs! After struggling alongside you for the past four years (or more), I am sincerely proud of each of us for making it to this point. While we have learned a great deal about the world and how it functions, the most important things we have learned likely did not come from a course syllabus. There were no classes on work ethic, dedication, integrity, humility, teamwork, or relationships, yet these lessons are what made college truly worthwhile to me—along with getting a glimpse into how God designed us. I hope you take the time to reflect on what it is that made your BYU experience worth the time, money, and effort. We see now more than ever the need for informed, selfless peacemakers in an otherwise chaotic world. Let us use our experiences here to lift and serve the communities we are headed to next.

About David Hoyt
David Hoyt, a senior graduating in exercise science from Lynden, Washington, has always had an interest in the sciences, especially human anatomy and physiology.

“Life sciences give me the clearest window into how God designed us and our planet,” Hoyt says. “Everything I have learned in my major testifies of God’s immense love for us, evidenced by the meticulous care with which He created all things.”

Like many students, Hoyt has had the distinct opportunity to combine faith and science in the College of Life Sciences. He explains that his anatomy classes have provided him with “aha” moments as he’s seen and studied the structure and mechanics of the human body, reminding him of God’s amazing creative power.

In addition to meaningful opportunities to combine his belief in God with his studies, Hoyt expresses gratitude for the various volunteer opportunities he has had as a student. These opportunities to volunteer with many organizations, such as the Anatomy Academy, Give Kids a Smile, and BYU Sports Hero Day, have served as high points and motivators for Hoyt throughout his undergraduate studies.

“I’ve learned about the importance of getting outside and contributing to a greater cause,” Hoyt says. “In my opinion, education is only worthwhile when we apply it to bless the lives of others, and that doesn’t have to wait until we are done with school.”

Looking forward, Hoyt is excited to begin dental school at the University of Washington in July. He is ready to engage in new opportunities while grateful for the fulfilling and enriching experiences he had during his time in the College of Life Sciences. Based on his experiences, Hoyt encourages students to take advantage of opportunities given to them and to immerse themselves in the joy of learning.

“The deeper you delve into the subjects you’re interested in, the more rewarding the learning process is,” he says. “Stay engaged in things both in and out of school and you will be blessed for your efforts.”