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Nutrition, Dietetics, & Food Science Honored Student

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Audrey Morgan, NDFS Honored Graduating Student
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Audrey Morgan

Graduation Message
“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

I want to send love to all my food science peers, lab coworkers, and family. I am so grateful that I chose to be part of this program. I love the food science club, the Sensory Lab, and especially my wonderful professors. From touring a cookie factory in commodities, to making endless amounts of cake in the 251 lab, to microwaving everything imaginable in engineering, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my entire experience.

Graduating, especially now, can feel extremely uncertain. The verse in Romans above has been a strength for me when I feel anxious. A testimony and perspective of the eternal plan and His purpose for me has helped abate my doubts, love others more, and have faith that things will indeed work out.

About Audrey Morgan
Audrey Morgan grew up in North Seattle watching Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” on the Food Network. Other TV chefs could make foods beautifully, but Morgan was captivated by how Brown explained the science behind the cooking process. Morgan was inspired to find out more and chose to study food science at Brigham Young University.

With an interest in business and finance, Morgan decided on the business track within the food science major. She also pursued a minor in humanities and a second minor in business synergizing her passion for writing, finance, management, and food with her education.

Morgan’s many passions are reflected in her avid participation in various clubs on campus. She is a member of the Food Science club, Women in Business club, Finance Society, Humanities to Business club, and she worked as a BYU writing fellow. Participating in clubs was a great way for Morgan to “immerse herself in BYU culture.”

During her experience in the College of Life Sciences, Morgan had the opportunity to present at a writing conference with her research on how emojis affect relationship development. She also participated in the Big Idea Pitch Competition, where she presented her idea to create a multiple-chamber canister filled with a variety of spices.

Morgan has sought out many experiences to apply the things she has learned. She interned for a salt manufacturing company in Seattle called SaltWorks, which produces customized salts and sugars. There, she was able to help develop a rose bath salt and taste test their many flavored products.

Of her achievements, Morgan looks on her time at the BYU Sensory Lab as the most significant. She worked there for three years and took on the role as Sensory Laboratory Manager. Through her role as manager, Morgan brought new clients and a strong understanding of business into the lab.

After graduation, Morgan looks forward to joining the team at Goldman Sachs and is excited to develop the business side of her passion. With her combined food science and business background, she is also looking into becoming a food entrepreneur, encompassing everything she has learned—from developing new products and taste testing, to figuring out what people want and bringing it to the market. She would also like to work with food companies in the agricultural sector. “It's really important to understand the unique and specific challenges in the food industry, so when you’re managing the assets of the owners you can have a greater understanding of what they really need,” she said.

Food is an important part of everyone’s lives, not just food-scientists, and is a “visceral experience we all intuitively understand.” Morgan intends to incorporate her love for food science, business, and everything in between to help others find greater enjoyment and interaction with food. Studying food science has given Morgan an understanding of people, products, and science in a way that she can have her cake, eat it, and share it with people too.