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Meet the Grant Proposal Team

Headshot of Tate Wilson

Tate Wilson

Past: Tate completes his bachelor’s degree in International Relations in December of 2022. He is a full-time BYU student, volunteer tutor, and French translator. For the past two semesters, Tate has been completing a working internship with a prestigious law firm in Utah County while also working with the College of Life Sciences as a grant proposal specialist.

Plans: He is preparing to take the LSAT as he plans to apply to law schools throughout the US in the fall of 2023. Tate has prepared and submitted proposals in Kuali,, and Fastlane to many federal and local funders.

Pastimes: Tate’s specialty is managing all things Kuali for faculty members as well as creating budgets and budget justifications.

Headshot of McKay Shumway

McKay Shumway

Past: For the past year, Shumway has been working with a group of students to develop more accurate diagnostic tests for male infertility while being a full-time student.

Plans: Shumway completes his bachelor's degree in Cell Biology and Physiology in December of 2022 and plans to attend graduate school soon after. He hopes to play an important role in the future of medicine by becoming a genetic counselor, specifically working in reproductive genetics.

Pastimes: When not on campus Shumway enjoys playing sports, reading mystery novels, and attempting to grow a decent garden. Shumway has become a funding search guru and cannot wait to help in all things funding searches.