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About Team Life

What is Team Life?

"Team Life" is a group that consists of staff and administrative employees of the College of Life Sciences. Founded in 2000, Team Life was originally called, "Team Bio/Ag" and has evolved with the College. The purpose of this group is to provide support and training for staff and administrative employees as well as develop unity and friendships. Team Life aligns itself with the mission and aims of Brigham Young University to "assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life" ( Team Life seeks to create valuable experiences that will help staff and administrative employees be productive in the workplace, strengthen spiritually and intellectually, and build a solid community. To join Team Life, please click the "Membership" link on the left.

Team Life Leadership

Please feel free to contact the Team Life leadership with any questions.

Terri Moser,, Chair (pictured right)
Jim Armstrong,, Co-Chair, (pictured center)
Roberta Larsen,, Co-Chair, (pictured left)