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Frequently Used Accounting Procedures & Forms



LFSCI_Financial Operating Principles_May2014 (PDF)

LFSCI_Procedures for Processing (Entering, Approving, and Reviewing) Transactions April 2020 (PDF)

LFSCI_Internal Review Checklist_July2023 (PDF)

Computer Tracking

LFSCI_Computer tracking procedures_Dec2022 (PDF)

LFSCI_Lost Computer Form02Sept2023 (PDF)

LFSCI_Off-Campus Computer Form02Oct2023 (PDF)

Donations and Fundraising

LDSP_Donation Tax Deductibility Clarifications_Jun2016 (PDF)

LFSCI_Donation Routing Form_Aug2021 (PDF)

BIO Gift vs Research Questionnaire Oct2020 (PDF)

EXSC Gift vs Research Questionnaire Oct2020 (PDF)

LSDO Gift vs Research Questionnaire Oct2020 (PDF)

MLBM Gift vs Research Questionnaire Oct2020 (PDF)

MMBIO Gift vs Research Questionnaire Oct2020 (PDF)

NDFS Gift vs Research Questionnaire Oct2020 (PDF)

CELL Gift vs Research Questionnaire Oct2020 (PDF)

PH Gift vs Research Questionnaire Oct2020 (PDF)

PWS Gift vs Research Questionnaire Oct2020 (PDF)

General Ledger Accounting

LFSCI_Journal ID Naming Convention_Jul2017 (PDF)

LFSCI_Operating Unit Modifications_Jul2017 (Excel)

Meals & Hosting

LFSCI_Addendum to University Hosting Meals Policy_Nov2023 (PDF)

LFSCI_Meals and Hosting Form_May 2020 (PDF)

LFSCI_University Meals and Hosting Policy FAQ_Jan2022 (PDF)

LFSCI_Procedure Clarification for Routine Meals K. Walker_Sept2020 (PDF)


LFSCI_Business Gifts to Employees Clarification Email_Nov2018 (PDF)

LFSCI_College & Department Decision Documentation Procedures_Mar2024 (PDF)

LFSCI_Faculty Consolidation (Fund 20) Account Procedures_Mar2024 (PDF)

LFSCI_Faculty Publications-Shared Expense Procedures_Sep2018 (PDF)

LFSCI_Hand Receipts and Deposits_Aug2019 (PDF)

LFSCI_Hazardous Material Purchasing Procedures_Apr2012 (PDF)

LFSCI_Non-Travel Reimbursement Request Form_Mar2021 (PDF)

LFSCI_Office Furniture Purchasing Procedures_Sep2014 (PDF)

LFSCI_Purchasing Card Usage Form_Apr2021 (PDF)

LFSCI_Purchasing Holiday Cards Clarification Email Alan Moose_3-7-23 (PDF)

LFSCI_Scholarship Selection Procedural Guidelines_Mar2024 (PDF)

LFSCI_Sponsored Seminar Speaker Procedures_Feb2010 (PDF)

LFSCI_Student Employee Training_Jan2021 (PDF)

LFSCI_Surplus Item Procedures_Mar2024 (PDF)


LFSCI_Travel Scenarios_Sep2021 (PDF)

LFSCI_Travel Pre-Approval Report_May2020 (PDF)

LFSCI_Travel Expense Worksheet_May2020 (PDF)



Controller Responsibilities

Financial Guide for Deans

New Controller Orientation

Financial Desk Reference

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Policy

Accounts Receivable Procedures

Student Payments Accounting Guide

Agency Accounts

University Procedures


AUDIT_Cash and Deposits Key Control Questionnaire_Jan2012 (PDF)

AUDIT_Purchasing Card Key Control Questionnaire_Oct2004 (PDF)

AUDIT_Travel Self Audit Questionnaire_May2007 (PDF)


Budget Adjustment Form

University Procedures(Budget Adj. Form Instructions)

Fund 20 Rules(Procedures)

Capital Assets

Capital Equipment Forms

Capital Assets Procedures

Surplus Procedures

Cash Receipts and Handling

Cash and Cash Equivalence Policy

Cash Controls

Cash Funds

Department Deposit


University Policies

Document Retention

University Procedures

Donations and Fund Raising

Fund Raising Policy

Fund Raising Guidelines for Student Clubs and Groups

Grants and Contracts

Procedures and Guidelines

Journal Entries

Journal Entry Template (Form)

Journal Entry Template Instructions

Journal Entry Guidance

Journal Entry Sources

Meals & Hosting

Catering and Food Distribution Policy

Catering Implementing Procedures

Guide to using BYU-Approved Caterers-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Meals and Hosting Policy

Meals and Hosting Procedure


Nepotism Policy

Nepotism Procedure


Campus Card Application Form

Credit Card Applications/Forms

Lost or Missing Receipt Affidavit

W-9 Form (for BYU Customers)

W-9 Form (for BYU’s US Vendors, Award & Gift Recipients, Independent Contractors)


Employee Retirement Checkout Form

Employee Termination Checkout Form

Hiring Managers Onboarding Checklist

Hire Process and Onboarding

Payroll Policy


Independent Contractor Procedure

Sales Tax


Travel Policy

Undergraduate Student Travel Policy

Student Assumption of Risk and Limited Release Agreement Form

Student Travel Authorization Form