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BYU General Education Requirements & Information

The official name of the General Education Program at BYU is "The University Core."

Why have a University Core?

General education joins with religious education to make university education different from specialized vocational training. It builds a foundation for intellectual development; it increases our understanding of civilization—of humankind's most valuable knowledge and achievements in the arts, letters, and sciences. General education teaches the importance of critical thinking, awareness of the past, aesthetic sensibility, and moral judgment. These, together with the training provided in verbal and quantitative skills and in manipulating symbolic systems, help prepare students for a lifetime of learning, effective communication, responsible action, forming and judging arguments, and appreciating and creating the good and the beautiful.

Religion courses are intended not only as a devotional supplement to the educational enterprise of the university but engage the mind and heart in an ever-deeper understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ through close and meticulous study of the scriptures and teachings of the living prophets.

How should I plan my General Education courses?

  • We encourage you to integrate your General Education courses into each semester along with your major courses.
  • See the University Core for details, and to learn where you may be able to double count. Look especially at the Civilization 2 requirements for courses that double-count for Arts, Letters, or Global and Cultural Awareness. Many foreign languages double-count for Global and Cultural Awareness, a few for letters; see Languages of Learning under Skills.
  • Study page one of your Progress Report to see what YOUR requirements are. Depending on AP credits or transfer credits, not all students have the exact same requirements. (Find your Progress Report on MyMAP under “Tools.”)

Who can help me?

  • Your Academic Advisor can help you plan your GE/University Core courses. PLEASE come to your appointment having studied the University Core requirements, and having made a tentative plan. Do not go to the General Education Office for help with planning your GE/University Core.

Can I request a substitution for a General Education course?

It is possible to submit a request for a substitution of a University Core/General Education course, but you must first meet with your Academic Advisor. We ask that you review the Core Learning Outcomes prior to scheduling an appointment with your Academic Advisor.

This is the General Education Petitions website: