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Over Hours Approval

Semester/Term Over Hours Approval

This is the process for students who want to take between 18.5-21 credits during the fall or winter semesters, or 9.5-11 credits during the spring and summer terms.


A student must...

  • be in good academic standing to be considered.
  • have completed at least one semester on campus.

Things to Consider

  • It is strongly recommended for students to have a graduation plan with all of their graduation requirements mapped out until they graduate. This will allow students to determine how helpful taking additional credits will be to their overall plan.
  • If approved, students will not be able to register for more than 18 credits during the fall or winter or 9 credits during the spring or summer terms until the first day of the semester or term (This is a BYU policy). Students interested in taking additional credits may need to adjust their registration accordingly.
  • LSA can only approve up to 21 credits during a semester or 11 credits during a term. If a student is interested in taking more credits than that, they need to petition the university at Prior to petitioning the university, they need to be approved to take up to 21 or 11 credits by the college (see process below)


  • Fill out and submit the over hours approval form online (see below).
  • Once submitted, your request will be sent to the Life Sciences Advisement Supervisor for consideration
  • The LSA supervisor will then contact you to let you know if your request has been approved, denied, or if more information is needed to make a decision.

Approval Form


  • The Life Sciences Student Advisement Office can only approve up to 21 hours of credit. Any requests that exceed 21 hours will need to be petitioned through the BYU Registrar Office -
  • Students will not be allowed to register for over-hours credits until the first day of the semester or term. They can register for the first 18 hours beginning at their typical registration date.

Registration and Academic Records Petitions

Petition Policy Links

Over Hours Approval Form