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Double Majors

Double Majors

Can I add a second major that is also in the College of Life Sciences?

  • Our Dean's office states, "We are not in favor of double majors within the College and especially double majors within a department".
  • This means that requests for double majors within the same department will not be approved (e.g. A Molecular Biology major adding a Microbiology secondary major).

Will the double major prolong my graduation?

  • Double majors that prolong a student's graduation more than 1 additional fall or winter semester are rarely approved.
  • Instead of pursuing double majors, students are encouraged to graduate as soon as possible, and then pursue a graduate degree. Students who earn a second major will have only completed a bachelor's degree. In some cases, students requesting a double major can graduate with a single major and then complete a Master's degree in the time it would have taken them to complete a second major.
  • Is it worth the extra time to complete?

How will the double major benefit me?

  • The second major will appear on a student's transcript, but only a student's primary major will appear on their diploma.
  • Secondary majors will not be read or listed during graduation ceremonies.

Petition early to add the double major.

  • Petitions for a double major must be submitted prior to earning 75 BYU hours (excluding language exam credits).
  • A proposal delaying graduation will seldom be approved because of the additional university and church resources that will be required.

How to Double Major:

1. Fill out the following petition form. In order for the petition to be reviewed, students must accurately complete the graduation plan and credit evaluation and commit to graduating as planned.

  • Note: Download the form to fill the fields in electronically.

2. Meet with the college advisement center of the primary major.​

  • They will discuss the reasons for the second major.

3. Meet with the college advisement center of the proposed secondary major.

  • They will review your graduation plan, check for accuracy, discuss the reasons for the second major, and then either deny or approve the second major with reservations.

4. Meet with the college advisement center of the primary major.​

  • They will review your graduation plan, second major advisor recommendations, and reasons for the second major from the first appointment in their consideration for approving/denying the petition.
  • Then they will either approve or deny the petition.
    • If denied, your advisor may discuss other options to obtain your goals.
    • If approved, a registration hold will be placed on your records beginning the semester after your planned graduation date.