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Transfer of credit for courses that you have taken at another university or college is managed by the BYU Transfer Office.

Courses can transfer in three ways:

  • As an elective (counting toward the 120 hours needed for graduation).
  • Equivalent to a BYU course, counting towards a general education requirement.
  • Equivalent to a BYU course, counting towards a major requirement.

Students should first go to the person listed below in their departments for transfer evaluations.

Biology Department
Nicole Cuthbert (Biology, Biodiversity and Conservation, Bioinformatics)
Josh Stowers (Biological Science Education)

Exercise Sciences Department
Mike Diede (Athletic Training)
Bruce Bailey (Exercise & Wellness)
Pat Vehrs (Exercise Science)

MMBIO Department
Kevin Johnson

NDFS Department
Lynette Johnson

PDBIO Department
Connie Provost

Public Health Department
Beth Liechty
Stephanie Lutz

PWS Department
Carolyn Vermuelen

Academic advisors can also assist students in this process.

Life Sciences Advisement
Don Breakwell
Farris Child
Gale Larson
Lisa Buzan
Carol Stepan

If you are transferring from another university or college and require transfer of courses to fulfill general education requirements see Transfer Guides or Transfer Equivalency Search.